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Election results in Egypt

Written By: Ajmal-Masroor
28/05/2014 11:40

I am predicting a landslide victory for General Sisi in the Presidential election in Egypt today. He will probably win 98% of the votes and will be embraced as the greatest savoir of Egypt. His victory in this pretentious and so called democratic election would overshadow all the other despots desperate attempt to legitimise their tyranny through ballot boxes! In my view this would mark the return of the modern day Pharaoh and deliver a great victory for the despots and dictators in the region. The illegitimate government of Saudi Arabia and Duabi have banked rolled the dictator general of Egypt and Benjamin Netanyahu has assured Sisi of total support. The Western governments would unashamedly congratulate the newly elected dictator and he would be promised aid and trade relationship with EU and USA. It would business as usual! Shame!

The country will be heading back to days of fear and repression far worse than the Mubarak's reign. The political opponents would languish in jail for decades, some would die in those hell holes of old age, torture, illnesses or be summarily executed. Thousands of people have been framed by this junta and thrown in the depth of the notorious Egyptian jails and put through military courts with ZERO independent judicial process.

This disgraceful state of affairs are happening at our watch, at the watch of British government, EU and USA's full knowledge and implicit nods. The agenda is simple - the dictator and his friends want to live a life of luxury and opulence with unfettered power and access to Egypt's natural wealth, and the West wants to keep Muslim masses away from voting in Islamic political parties into power. The enemies are common and as long as Sisi can deliver on the promise of keeping Muslim Brotherhood out of power the West will turn a blind eye to his human rights abuse, undemocratic governance, brutal repression, corruption and looting of Egyptian wealth.

The common belief amongst the grand alliance of dictatorships is that Islamic parties are a problem to their reign and evil ways. If freedom is given to the masses in the Middle East the majority would naturally vote for Islamic parties. The evil tyrants would find themselves in jail. And in the resource hungry West many of the policy makers and influential lobby groups have propagated in one single voice that the people of Egypt or the Middle East are savages and only savages chose Islam to govern themselves.

SADLY, this neo-con philosophy is the new western political principle that is shaping West's attitude towards Islam. It is all about demonising Islam and tarnishing its public image. If a consensus is manufactured in the masses that Islam is inherently evil and public turn against it the likelihood of Islamic political parties ever winning election would be substantially diminished. The fear is that the only ideology that could successfully challenge the modern day imperialism and it's overarching materialistic lifestyle is Islam. Thus make Islam the public enemy number one!

The truth is Islam is neither inherently evil nor a lifestyle of savages. Islam is a positive influence and moderator in todays wild world of extremes. Islam provides a balanced lifestyle between spirituality and materials. Islam creates harmony between the natural disposition of human beings and their surroundings. Muslims need their natural space to reinvigorate their intellectual capacity, flourish in the spiritual growth, raise their individual and collective standards, create democratic governments and civil society organisations. This space can only come through freedom for all people in the Middle East and locally organised democratic movements. Let the Muslims determine their own future in their countries. The West should stand back and not interfere or provide implicit support to any Middle Eastern dictatorship or unelected governments.

The hypocrisy of the Western foreign policies are glaringly obvious and if nothing is done to change this unethical course there will be more troubles and turmoil in the world. Peace and security in the world would be greatly compromised by extremists and war mongerers from all sides. While General Sisi is guaranteed a victory in this farcical election the least our government in the UK could do is not recognise the military dictator or give him any legitimacy and I hope all other civilised governments of the world would do the same. Let the dictator general Sisi be pulled down by the Egyptian masses and let the Egyptians be free again.

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