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Sisi wins the Egyptian election by 96% votes

Written By: Ajmal-Masroor
05/06/2014 9:21
Contemporary Debate

What is common between the King of Saudi Arabia and William Hague, the British Foreign Secretary? They were both the first ones to congratulate the Dictator General, the new Pharaoh, the despot and the only so called savior of Egypt - Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. In the recent farcical presidential election he won a ridiculous 96% of the total votes.

I have to confess that my prediction that he would win 98% of the votes was rather too generous and I apologise to all for such a big mistake. However, while I am happy to confess my 2% mistake how does William Hague square up his democratic credential when he is blatantly being a hypocrite offering support to Sisi’s government and following double standards? He wishes democracy for us in the UK but for the Egyptians he congratulates a military general who just won a false election. Has Hague lost all sense of shame?

Let us not make any mistakes about General Sisi.

Sisi ousted an elected President by orchestrating through lies a public discontent using the TV and media that his friends own.

Sisi has ordered rounding up, arrest and arbitrarily execution of his political opponents. Even their families including wife and children are not being spared.

Sisi has tried many members of the opposition political parties in military courts that have sentenced hundreds to death and illegally holds thousands of innocent people in jails across Egypt.

Sisi has banned freedom of press especially those who take a critical position of his rule and totalitarian approach. Many journalists from Al-Jazeera and BBC languish in Egyptian prisons on totally false charges.

Sisi has banned freedom of association for all political parties that oppose him. Citizens who refuse to bow down to his authority face harsh treatment and violence.

Sisi is an illegitimate ruler who has used ballot box to legitimize his absolute control. He is the Trojan horse of Egypt. He is a wolf in sheep’s cloak. No body should ever trust him.

Note how all the local dictators from Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Emirates have extended a helping hand to silence the local people from exercising their legitimate right to determine their own future in Egypt.

Every despot knows that his days are coming to an end soon. By denying the masses from gaining freedom, establishing democracy and rule of law they are prolonging their days in power but only temporarily. The sad thing is today the Egyptians are deeply divided and Egypt’s internal and external enemies gloat at this obvious weakness. If Egyptians woke up and took to the streets again to remove this despot Sisi from power and cleaned up Egypt from the remnants of the Mubarak era, Egypt could emerge as a serious regional power and catapult itself onto the international scene. The current position has turned Egypt and Egyptians into a laughing stock of the civilized world.

It is a shame that Egyptians were so gullible that they fell hook, line and sinker to the lies of the most despicable people in Egypt – friends of Mubarak and Sisi. Shame on the Egyptians for bringing back another Pharaoh to the helm of Egypt. Shame on those who voted for Sisi and shame on those who support his reign.

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