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Is Israel invincible?

Written By: Ajmal-Masroor
11/07/2014 15:35
Burning Issue

65 years on Palestine is still burning, Palestinians face daily humiliation and live under constant occupation while the world has failed to do anything substantial! Tony Blair, the Middle East peace envoy has shown little interest in helping reach any peaceful resolution to this festering problem. He should be sacked and tried in the Hague for illegal war in Iraq and the subsequent instability in the entire region. The misery of the Palestinians have been systematically orchestrated by the western world.

The inaction of the international community is woefully criminal. Note how Obama has lost his tongue and does not know what to say. Arab leaders have lost their brain. Not a single one of these despots in the Arab world have the courage to take a decisive action against Israeli aggression. These oil rich countries own half of the world's wealth but at their door step Palestine has been bleeding for 65 years and they have watched it happen. I berate these cowardly rulers, I dare them to prove that they are the true son's of their mothers - use the God given oil wealth to liberate the Palestinians from this miserable existence if you are true leaders!

Today Israel mercilessly bombs Gaza to smithereen destroying what little they have in possession. A tiny strip of land that has the largest concentration of refugees in their own homes and been starved and trangled to slow death by successive Israeli governments. They have no access to the outside world while Israel controls the sea, land and airspace all around it. Egyptian Pharaoh general Sisi and his bootlicking cronies enforce the Israeli blockade from the Egyptian side too. The plight of these people gets worse by the day. My fear is Pharaoh was drowned in the Red Sea when he chased Moses and general Sisi’s doesn't realise his pharaonic moment will come soom too.

Zionist vengence has no bounds while shameless world leaders watch like a terrified fox surrounded by a pack of hounds. Zionism is real racism, another name for sickman's nationalism that demands Palestinians teeth for a Jewish Israeli eye, Palestinians limbs for a Jewish Israeli ear and all Palestinian people for one Israeli Jew! Collective punishment is normal in zionism, it is part of their racist philosphy. Violence is never a solution to any problem yet Israeli violence has deep rooted barbarism that stems from Zionism. They unleash savagery against Palestinians people but pretend to be the good guys by placing the blame on the Palestinians. They turn their lies into Gospel truth and turn truth into lies. They use sophisticated PR machinery, USA and European lobby agencies and generous donations from friends of Israel to sustain their grip on power and influence over the media and politicians while the Palestinians get very little recognition from the world leaders and media agencies.

Palestinian land has been stolen, confiscated, illegal settlements built, peoples' properties divided, homes demolished and their ancestoral family farmland destroyed. Millions have been made refugees. The same Zionist philosophy encourages disprortonate response to the Palestinian protesting against this brutal subjugation. Their fighter jets bomb the Palestinian areas killing scores of innocent people. The weapons of mass destruction burn babies alive but for what crime? Are the babies assumed future Palestinians who would resist Israeli brutality? They justify it by calling all Palestinians terrorists. If opposing Israeli brutality makes Palestinians terrorists then we are all Palestinians. Didn't Pharaoh order the execution of all Jewish boys for he was forewarned of the coming of Moses, his nemesis? What is it about Israel that it forgets it's own history?

Israel is a monster out of control but purely of Western creation. Britain is responsible for illegally handing over Palestine to the Zionist terrorists in the 40s and it's consequent partition. This rogue state is being supported by the American political will and supplied endless weapons that brings to life the Zionist genocidal ambition. On a regular basis bodies of charred babies, decapitated torso of elderly men, ripped apart young children and assasinated innocent women's bodies are brought to hospitals and mortuaries. Israel, where will it all end? How many Palestinians will you kill?

David's stones will end Golaeths reign soon but the end could be disastrous unless a peaceful resolution is found urgently. In the eyes of ordinary people in the world the project Israel is over, it's a pariah state, it's a racist enterprise and apartheid country. The sooner we dismantle it the sooner there will peace for all people in the world. I do not believe in the defunct two state theory, I have never believed in it and it will never work. Palestine is one country where Jews, Christians and Muslims must live together side by side as equals. The state must be pluralist and democratic in its nature like every civilised country in the world. Rule of law must be applicable for all people.

If you are a Jewish, Christian or Muslim believer in one God, you know that injustices will never escape God's ultimate judgement. If Moses was here today he would distance himself from what the Zionist state of Israel is doing. He would be very embarrassed like he was with his brother Aaron when he returned from the Sinia mountains with God's revelation. Judaism does not teach this philosophy of hate but zionism does, any true God conscience Jewish person should condemn zionism. Even prophets like Abraham, Isaac and Solomon would be appalled at what is happening in the world.

Israel you are not invincible and you will face the consequence of your action in this world and the next. Anyone who violates human rights must be brought to account and I believe the basic human rights of every Palestinian has been violated by Israel for over 65 years. Enough is enough this must end now!

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