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Return Palestine to the Palestinians

Written By: Ajmal-Masroor
19/07/2014 14:56
Burning Issue

Israel bulldozes it's way into Gaza, the last frontier of the true inhabitants of this land the world leaders still watch with deafening silence. The impotent Arab rulers are nothing but cowards, they pretend to be the custodians of the Holy sites in Saudi Arabia but turn a blind eye to the massacre of the Palestinians and desecration of Al-Aqsa. They take active part in strungling the Palestinians by shutting the only lifeline from Egypt.They are so scared to take any desively action against Israel incase their oil and gas wealth is taken away from them by their masters or not granted permission to host football tournaments, motor sports or horse racing.
These despicable leaders are illegitimate, despotic and have no right to rule any Muslim country. They should be overthrown through mass democratic revolution and banished behind bars for crimes against their own people. Rising to change these rulers is a moral and religious obligation. O Arabs! wake up and rise, change your own destiny and the destiny of your people.

While Gaza is systamtically being destroyed, its children and women are deliberate targeted by Israeli smart bombs and kill masses of people, the western leaders dither and do nothing. It is a shame on them and their silence is a sign of their support of Israeli plan to further subjugate and humiliate Palestinians. It is a disgrace on the world's leaders. Masses of people will rise soon and bring this madness to an end. People of the West are sick and tired of Israeli aggression on the Palestinians. The world is losing patience with Israel fast. I believe change is very near and will come to the region fast.

Those who support a two state solution for Palestine and Israel should now hide their faces in shame for suggesting such a preposterous and unreal proposition. Two state has been dead from the day one and should be buried immediately. Israel is only interested in stealing more and more of the Palestinian land. It is now time for the world to rise and consider peacefully and swiftly dismantling this racist and Apartheid state of Israel. It is time to return Palestine to the original inhabitants of Palestine! It is time to create one state for all people.


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