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British Jewish conscripts returning from Israel must be arrested

Written By: Ajmal-Masroor
01/08/2014 17:42
Burning Issue

Every single British citizen who also have Israeli nationality returning from serving in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) must be arrested at the British airports on arrival for fighting with a terrorist army and taking part in war crimes in Gaza. We should raise this demands across the board and write to our MPs, Foreign Secretary, and the Prime Minister requesting an explanation to what they intend to do.

A public statement from the government office is needed immediately explaining how the government intends to deal with these returning soldiers. Anything short of prosecution would not only provide ample reasons for the young Muslims to become more radicalized but it will also give out a very strong stench of hypocrisy and double standard.

I commend John McDonnell MP for being courageous and truthful in his address to the Foreign Office on this matter. I would welcome a few more British MPs to show the same level of courage and conviction in the principle of fairness and justice. Gaza burns today with 1400 civilians murdered, 6000 injured and many women and children are deliberately targeted yet many of our politicians and media outlet remain deaf, dumb and blind to this carnage. Why?

Where are the valorous sons of British mothers who could stand up in the Parliament and demand an end to this bloodbath now? Where are the true, objective and fair-minded journalists in the British media industry who would be prepared to put their name and reputation on line to report the truth? Where are the likes of Robin Cook and Jon Snow in our country?

Politicians and journalists, your silence and support are causing the death of innocent Palestinians and you will be held responsible for this savagery and genocide. One day you shall be held accountable and you would find no holes to hide! It is only a matter of time.


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