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Why do Arab and Muslim rulers hate Islam?

Written By: Ajmal-Masroor
04/08/2014 11:45

Every single Arab ruler would prefer a docile, apathetic and Islamically uneducated Muslim masses that they can control and keep distracted and intoxicated. They have created a whopped socio-economic condition that sustains the status quo. They have created two social extremes, extremely rich elite and extremely poor masses.

The elite unhesitatingly enjoy the privileges that are offered to them. The state offers extraordinary favours upon a select few with unfettered access to the state assets, opportunities to amass grotesque amount of wealth, political patronage, appointments and sponsorship, occasions to wine and dine with the leaders and their cronies and access to the international banks, politicians and playfields. The state provides protection for these people and in return they buy their incessant support, loyalty and allegiance. Why would the elite ever want to change the status quo!

They create the other extreme social condition where majority of the people are kept in poverty and illiteracy, continuously living hand-to-mouth, having no time to think about political change and constantly preoccupied with acute concerns of lack of food, inadequate access to medical care and the future of their children. These despotic rulers deliberately leave the masses in poverty by not investing infrastructure development, education provisions and economic conditions for fairer and equitable access and distribution of wealth. They provide regular rations such state baked bread freely or at a subsidised rate in countries like Egypt or small cash in Jordan and Saudi Arabia. The outcome is simple – when you keep a person constantly hungry and in poverty, politics is their last concern, their main worry is where will they get their next meal? How would they feed their family? How would they protect their children?

The Arab and Muslim rulers hate Islam; the main religion of the majority, because they know it would not tolerate despotism or unaccountable monarchy. Islam promotes people’s rights to chose their leaders freely, provides them a template for accountability, transparency and democratic governance. These rulers are fully aware that an Islamic resurgence within the masses would end their reign of power overnight and place such illegitimate leaders, despots and monarchs on trial.

These rulers hate Islam because they know a truly educated Muslim society would not accept such socio-economic inequality. They know if the Muslim masses are educated and become aware of the true teachings of Islam they would be inspired by their faith to bring about a change. They know that their political domination would end instantly and their cronies would lose all the squandered wealth.

The Arab and Muslim rulers hate Islam because they know truly Islamic society is a fairer society based on decency, dignity of all human beings and universal values. 
They know everyone in such a society would be treated equally and fairly, they would not be able to run their two-tier system, where the rulers, royals and the elite would get favourable treatments even for their evil crimes but the poor and the subjects would get the brunt of the law and enforced on them rigorously. They behead the poor person in public for the smallest crime but they set free the murdering prince, raping politician or corrupt bankers.

They hate Islam because they know Islam would end poverty instantly and they will not be able to sell their junk food products or inadequate health provisions to keep the poor hungry and unhealthy forever. They would not be able to make millions out of the misery of common people. They know in Islam a state is responsible to guarantee and safeguard six basic aspects of people’s lives – life, property, intellect, faith, family and honour. Every despot and monarch in the Arab and the Muslim world has miserably failed in providing the very basic needs of people. They know a truly Islamic people would throw these rulers in the gutter.

The Arab and Muslim rulers hate Islam because they know Islam would inspire a monumental change such that would sweep them off power and in the depth of prisons. They know it would change the Muslim world forever. And they would not be the beneficiaries of any of these brilliant changes. They orchestrate constant trouble by funding and sponsoring extremism and terrorism at home and abroad to justify their reign of terror. They rule with fear and iron fist. They keep their people subjugated by using the state security apparatus. In counties like Egypt, Algeria, Bangladesh and Pakistan the military and police have their own fiefdom. They run a parallel economy and enjoy access to land, wealth and privileges unashamedly. They even buy some scholars with dollars to give them “religious” legitimacy. These scholars are nothing but tools of the evil rulers.

They hate Islam and the freedom loving, peaceful and genuine Muslims hate their despotic and illegitimate reign. The only natural end to this irreconcilable relationship is a seismic severance. A true revolution to bring democratic reform and freedom in the Arab and the Muslim world is the only way forward. The Arab and the Muslim world must be free to chose their own leaders and enjoy a fear free environment. They must have their basic rights protected and basic opportunities fairly made available for all. They must have fairer and equitable distribution of wealth and opportunities to generate wealth. There must be rule of law for all, serving justice and equity at every level of society. The despots, the illegitimate rulers and the monarchs must be stripped off their power, wealth and status and either thrown in the deep end of the prison or exiled to their bosom buddies in others parts of the world.

There is no room for negotiation with illegitimate rulers. They must leave or be ousted.

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