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ISIS or Islamic state - who are they?

Written By: Ajmal-Masroor
16/08/2014 17:00

I have been reading, researching and listening to many sources in order to better understand who are these self proclaimed Islamic State members? Who is behind it all? Who is finding them? Who is al-Baghdadi, the new Khalifa in town?

No body really knows who these people are! That is not the most astonishing and unbelievable part! What boggles my mind is how is it possible that a bunch of outlaws could launch themselves from the depth of Syrian conflict and walk into Iraq capturing swathes of land without anyone really showing any zeal to do anything? It was like walk in the park for these international jihad thirsty cowboys!

What I don't understand is that all the US intelligence, military satellite images, fire power, years of investment in the Iraqi government and most importantly the trained Iraqi army combined could not stop or foresee the astonishing advancement and setting up of this "pop up khilafa" in Iraq!

Let us understand one thing clearly. If US drones which are remotely controlled from Arizona desert could pin point the whereabouts of many terrorists in the mountains of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen and fire it's lethal weapon of mass destruction to execute these people, how could they miss the build up and long military march of these lunatics? Or was it that this so called Islamic State was allowed to operate in that region as a means to destabilise the Middle East for longer and maintain the status quo?

Not a single credible Islamic scholar in the world has given a grain of legitimacy to this "Khilafa" or to its so called Khalifa! In fact al-Baghdadis background has been a serious concern to many. Who is he? What is his lineage? Where did he study? Do any of the scholars of the world recognise him? More serious concerns have been raised by people such as whose agenda is he serving? Who are his real paymasters?

If the mass murder of people who oppose this entity is true, if the brutality ascribed to this group is true, if their rhetoric of death and destruction is true reflection of their vision and if their actions in Syria is true then they are not only guilty of murder and mayhem but they are also guilty of high jacking Islam and bringing the entire Muslim world to disrepute. If they have killed Non-Muslims simply for being Non Muslims, if they have killed Shi'a or Sunnis for being Shi'a or Sunni and if they wish to take women and children as slaves, let me remind them that they are not only violating Islamic principles but they have stooped lower than the animals. Such actions are never sanctioned under Islam.

This self-styled caliph is an unfortunate creation of foreign actors in the region, whose game will have dire repercussions in the greater Middle East. Who is this or are these foreign actors and what is their real motive? What do they want? And who are the people around him? Do they come from Syria or Iraq? Why do we witnesses so many English accent speakers in their propaganda videos?

Al-jazeera published a piece in which the author described the reason why this group could attract the vagabonds of the Muslim world in its rank an file.

"Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been successful in drawing a flock from amongst the "damned" including the underfed, idealistic, ignorant, downtrodden, and vengeful youth, who have always been the primary victims of western aggression on their culture. Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, Europe's colonialist wars, whether in Algeria, Israel, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan or Pakistan, has led to the demonisation of Islam. Muslims were then - and still are - subjected to racism in the West. In modern times, this racism has spilled over into media reports, which seem to go on overdrive whenever a single westerner is abducted in Libya, but blatantly ignore the thousands of Arab lives lost in depleted uranium bombings.

Baghdadi's followers include tribes bombed by the US, foreign fighters from Muslim communities in Europe, united by their sense of victimisation, but also fanatics who seem to believe Islam is a religion of war, psychotics and mass murderers who are only looking for the thrill of the kill. Among them, there may also be a smattering of simple, honest people who have been (mis)led to believe that Baghdadi is the new "Mahdi" (messianic redeemer). Baghdadi has already earned a name for himself, he is being called a "deviant".

Whatever he may be called, my biggest question is who is behind this so called Islamic State? Who is funding it and at whose wink and nod are they so freely operating in that extremely volatile part of the world?

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