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10 reasons why Britain is more Islamic than most Muslim countries today

Written By: Ajmal-Masroor
11/09/2014 18:46
Thoughts and Ideology

Islam is a religion based on believing in one God and adhering to a set of values that informs one’s mind-set and lifestyle. Belief in God is a personal matter and can only be achieved by a person who has become convinced of God’s existence and experienced the power of His Grace. Belief in God cannot be imposed on anyone. It has to come naturally and by knowledge, understanding and conviction of the Divine. It is a metaphysical experience and can only be fathomed by those who are willing to open their minds and hearts to the possibilities of faith.

I know most people in Britain do not believe in the one absolute God, some believe in Jesus as a son of God, some believe in Jesus as God, some believe in one God, some believe in other forms of deities, some don’t believe in anything and some are not sure. This diversity in belief is not unique to Britain, these are found in all parts of the world. However, what makes Britain more Islamic is its communal values.

The rationale behind my claim that Britain is more Islamic than most Muslim countries today is based on the prevalent values in the daily governance of this country. The philosophy that underpins the way the country is run, the systems used for administration and the mannerism of the British people. I believe this is what is meant when people refer to “British values”. In my view these values are Islamic values too. I would like to challenge any Muslim country or a Muslim ruler to prove that the following values are applied consistently at every level of their society. I can proudly say that in my country, Britain, these values are thoroughly followed and implemented:

1. Legitimate government:

A government elected by people, for the people and from the people. The people can vote them out if they fail to deliver on their promises. The government is not chosen using nepotism, cronyism, favouritism or corruption. This is non-existent in most of the Muslim countries today. In Islam legitimacy is given by the people but most Muslim countries have despots, dictators and hereditary monarchs ruling the people illegitimately.

2. Legitimate governance:

The system of governance is based on accountability, transparency and devolution of power. People’s will prevails in our governing principles. The administrative systems and civil servants deliver the programmes of the government without politicising the civil service or unduly interfering in the day to day running of local and central government departments. There is a clear separation between politicians and fair governance. This impartiality is the cornerstone of Islamic principles of governance. It is here in Britain. Which Muslim country can show me that they follow this system?

3. Rule of law:

The judiciary is always independent and its role is to uphold the rule of law for all people and at all times. Justice is paramount and cannot be bought or sold by the rich and powerful. It cannot be compromised and judges have the highest honour of shouldering the responsibility to deliver pristine justice. The politicians, monarch or Prime Minister cannot circumvent the legal process and equally, they must face the judiciary if they falter. The law enforcement agencies cannot be abused by the politicians or rich people or bribe their way out of the reach of law. Everyone is equal in the eyes of the law and the law is the bedrock of any civilized society. The entire legal philosophy of Islam is based on highest authority of law and the lawmakers. This is found in Britain, but not in any Muslim country today.

4. Pursuit of Justice:

Britain’s legal philosophy has been founded on the similar principles of justice as Islam. In the corridors of power, in the benches of law courts, in the police stations and in the local council’s chambers the overarching drive to pursue justice is embedded in the culture and attitude. Every citizen has access to justice and is provided with means to justice. If miscarriage of justice happens there are enough checks and balances to ensure the injustice is redressed and legal remedy is found. In many cases such miscarriages have been redressed even after the death of the person.

This is the essence of justice as defined in the Quran – justice at all cost and for all people. Most Muslim countries have injustices predominating the everyday living. From the judiciary to the police officers, they are available to the highest bidder of bakhshish (bribe) as they call it more popularly. In the UK injustice happens very rarely, but in the Muslim countries today justice happens rarely.

5. Equality of all people:

Every man and woman is equal in the eyes of the law and worth equal dignity and honour. Every person from any background, colour, race or religion is treated equally in the UK. There was a time when racism was rampant, but a lot of struggle and sacrifice has finally destroyed the ugly head of racism decisively. Society would frown upon racist bigots. Racism is no longer fashionable or acceptable in Britain.

Islam categorically prohibited racism or tribalism from day one. Equality of all humans is the primary principle of Islam. Britain has embraced this attitude in its culture and outlook, but today’s Muslim countries haven’t. Racism in the Muslim countries is endemic. In the Arab world the racial pecking order is utterly disgusting. Some Arabs place the American, European and Australians at the top end of the racial order with Bangladeshi, Sri Lankans and Africans at the bottom. This utterly despicable racism still dominates the social and attitudinal spheres of Muslims living in Asian countries such as Bangladeshis hating Pakistanis and Pakistanis looking down at Bangladeshis. Africans or black people are sniggered at frequently. Notion of equality is prevalent in Britain but non-existent in the Muslim world.

6. Strict adherence to universal human rights:

Britain strictly observes human rights including people’s right to freedom of thought, expression and assembly. It facilitates people’s right to practice their faith or express their cultural activities. It defends the rights of minorities and stands guard against the majority stamping down the minorities. It allows all its citizens to enjoy freedom. It welcomes asylum seekers to find protection and solace. How many Muslim countries in the world today pride themselves for their adherence to human rights? In fact thousands of Muslims flee their countries and take shelter in UK simply to protect their human rights.

Islam provides a brilliant framework for human beings to develop human rights and create harmonious coexistence between diverse peoples. Yet Muslim nations have rejected this Quranic principle and Britain has embraced it. A Muslim in Britain can pray at work, take a day off during Eid or other cultural celebrations. Muslims have built thousands of mosques in the UK and enjoy a very peaceful coexistence. Even those who hate Britain while enjoying the hospitality of Britain have been successful in demanding their human rights. In Muslim countries today human rights do not exist.

7. Opportunities for all:

In Britain there is ample opportunity for all people to find success. If you wish to become rich you can, if you want to have a successful career you can and if you want to have expanding businesses you can. If you want to express your views by becoming a journalist or a reporter you can. If you want to become a famous singer, footballer or celebrity you can. The opportunities are there, and you have to work hard to get them.

However, such opportunities do not exist for the people of the Muslim world. The space for success is earmarked for the children of the political elite, military generals and royals. Opportunities in the Muslim world are purchased by bribes and corrupt practices. The sickening nepotism, the ugly head of cronyism and the absolutely vile favouritism is the predominant currency of the Muslim world. Islam shuns these evils and calls for excellence and compassion in everything. Britain has these amazing Islamic principles, but today’s Muslim world has lost them all.

8. Proliferation of Education:

In Britain today every child up to the age of 18 has the right to access education for free. The standard of education is extremely high and encouragement for higher attainment is extremely dominant. There is a brilliant system that constantly examines the education philosophy, teaching methods, curriculum and education outcome. It is organic and evolutionary and seeks to meet the needs of the changes in science and technology. Illiteracy and innumeracy have been almost wiped out of the British population. The country has an enlightened approach to life due its educated minds and culture.

The Quranic social paradigm begins with education as its first principle. Today’s Muslim world has the highest rates of illiteracy and innumeracy in the world. It has very few high performing educational institutions or is unable to produce the high calibre of pupils. A majority of the masses of the Muslim world live an unenlightened lifestyle. They may be Muslims, but in Islam a learned Muslim’s sleep is better than the entire night’s worship of an ignorant, said the blessed Prophet. Muslim countries have one of the biggest brain drain statistics in the world. Anyone who is ambitious and is looking for greater opportunities in education ends up traveling to the UK or USA to further their educational path. While today’s Muslim countries live in the darkness of ignorance Britain has acted on the first Quranic commandment of reading and learning thus giving its citizens to be enlightened.

9. Protection of life, property, intellect, family and faith of people:

In Britain you can leave home every morning knowing that your life, property, intellect, family and faith are all safe. The state has law enforcements agencies ensuring your life and your properties are secure. Your hard work or inventions are not copied by others or stolen. Your family has a peaceful environment and your right to practice your faith is honoured. In fact our mosques were provided with police protection when there has was a threat on their safety and security.

These are the key objectives of Islamic law (Maqaasid al-Shariah) and found in every aspect of British society but not found in any of today’s Muslim countries. Britain upholds more Islamic laws than any Muslim country today. In the Muslim countries life has no value any more. It can be arbitrarily lost by murder, political assignation, abduction, disappearance, torture and all other heinous crimes. In these countries all properties or land belongs to anyone who has the muscles. Families are only safe if they have high-ranking connections with the politicians or law enforcement agencies. If you can pay huge ransom you get patronage and safety. The despicable state of the Muslim world is not only shameful but totally against everything Islam stands for.

10. Healthcare and social welfare:

This is one of the most unique features of Islam that was established by the early, rightly guided Muslim rulers. It is found in Britain today. Every citizen of this country has the right to access free healthcare and benefit from social welfare. This is made possible by the citizens of this country who work hard and contribute towards these provisions.

This amazing “sharing and caring” philosophy is what the true purpose of Zakat and Sadaqah is supposed to be, but today’s Muslim societies have forgotten this golden principle. Unfortunately, healthcare in the Muslim world is determined by money. You could be dying of cancer and there would be no care or treatment for you unless you have lots of money. You could be dying of hunger and there is no state provision to provide basic food for you. There are no state funded consistent systems to look after the old, ill or disabled. Muslim countries have become totally unislamic in their social welfare.

In conclusion, the reason why I believe Britain is more Islamic than most Muslim countries today is simple - there are a lot of Muslims in the Muslim world today but there is very little Islam. There are a very few Muslims in Britain today but there is a lot of Islam here. I am very proud to be a Muslim British citizen!

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