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Omar : A movie that can make you understand real scenario of rise of Islam

Written By: mahfuj
14/09/2014 19:27
Movie Review

Omar, a MBC TV series on Omar (R.)  In this series you can get idea about early Islamic Society and How Companion of Rasulullah (PBW) built a Islamic Society. However this series was banned in Arab world after it's release.  I have watched it entirely, but there is no episode or misguiding element to be baned in this movie. A prominent American Muslim Scholar and Imam Yasir Qadhi suggested to watch it in one of his speeches. Then I download and watch it. 

In this movie mainly Life of Omar (R) has been depicted, but at the same time life and activities of Companions of Rasulullah (PBW) have been showed simultaneously.

I think Muslim Should watch this movie to understand real Islam. I have included the link of  first of 30 episodes of this movie.

It is 13 GB in size. So you can download one by one episode.

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Islamic Movie Omar (R.) Islam 


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