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Mobile App-Islamic Path

Written By: Modi
01/12/2014 8:03
Science and Technology

Telecommunication companies come up with different offers and exciting apps to engage their customers and now a days it is very much competitive. If we have a look at the site of our major telecom service providers we can find a variety range of products along with their numerous offers which are certainly attractive and at the same time helpful for the subscribers. Now ROBI has brought up an app that is not just only an app but also helps Muslim people to practice their religion.

Yes, I am talking about the ROBI app named “Islamic Path”, this app is designed for all ROBI subscribers only to provide information related to the Islamic lifestyle and another good thing about this app is that it is usable in both Bangla and English.

In this app there are different content such as Al Quran, Dua, Hajj, Prayer ,Zakaat calculator etc where each segment is consist of many resources and a large amount of information. For example, in the Al Quran segment one can find one hundred and fourteen Sura with English and Bangla translation also with the audio version.  Dua segment is compiled with daily useful duas like Kalima, Masnun Dua, Munajat, Dorud, 99 name of Allah etc.

So in summary we can say that an app like this which is designed for ROBI subscribers can help our Muslim brothers to become practicing Muslim. Anyone can just open the app whenever s/he gets free time and use their idle time in a productive and peaceful way.

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