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Latest Handset trends and Bangladesh

Written By: Modi
31/01/2015 12:50 29/01/2015 14:30
Science and Technology

Cell phones and its new models has become one new expensive but essential trend now a day. The competition between large giants of handset producers has touched a new level, almost every six months they are coming up with new model consisting new features or upgraded version of previous model. Almost all the new technologies those can be put there are covered with each new model is being launched. Not only have that, a slight but remarkable change in the shape of handsets also attracts people who are into buying new models trend. At some point this habit of being updated with the latest one shows an intention to show off but most of the time it turns into necessity as the crave for new technologies and features make the users more dependent and at the same time more vulnerable.

The problem is not being attracted by new technologies, neither the desire of getting the latest one. In countries like USA and other developed countries where it’s easy to be updated with new handset trends as they have such schemes for getting new one. For example, with an exchange of the previous one and a certain amount of cash one can easily get trendy regarding new handsets or may be an installment method by which one can find it easier to buy an expensive new handset with enormous features. These facilities are not much practiced by our cellular service providers whereas if such schemes were there the scenario of using latest handset might take a pick among our trendy users. There are few telecommunication companies like ROBI who have now started to give opportunities to their subscribers in buying latest handsets.

For  example , currently they are conducting a campaign of iPhone  6 and iPhone 6+ which is built on the basic of installment where twelve simple installments are there what makes it easy for those who are not ready to let go a large amount at a particular time. There are other telecommunication giants who are also providing similar facilities which certainly helps people in keeping them ahead in the race of using latest gadgets at the same time trendy.


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