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January 2015:Serial Killing Mission of Govt Security Forces!

Written By: Nazmul
03/02/2015 0:25 03/02/2015 0:06
Human rights

As the main opposition party leader calls nationwide blockade demanding National Election, a crucial serial killing started from the January 2015 to shut down anti government protests.  Govt forces allegedly targeting the opposition activists.

Govt security forces like Police, RAB are arresting activists from home or outside and killing them on a regular basis since Awami League led govt took power of the country. The so called ‘’Cross Fire’’ game is a clear crime against Humanity.  

Only in the month of January 2015, many opposition party members have been killed by Police or RAB. 

1. Ariful Islam Mukul 


Ariful Islam Mukul supports Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP). He was a student of LLB (Hones) in International Islamic University Chittagong. On 30th February he was arrested by some police men from his way to home. Eventually his dead body found in Rupnagar. Police cooked up so called shootout story! 

2. Nurul islam Shahin 

Nurul islam Shahin was a college Teacher in Islamia College Rajshahi. Detective Branch (DB) of Rajshahi Metropolitan Police picked Nurul Islam from his Printing Press on 27th January at 9pm. His family called Police at that night and they informed he will be released by the following morning as he is not convicted to any case. Next day his family got a call from Hospital that Nurul Islam’s dead body is kept by them.

Nurul’s brother Tuhin alleged Police killed his brother and naming it with cross fire.

3. Asadullah Tuhin

Asadullah Tuhin (17) was arrested by RAB (Rapid Action Battalion) on 26th January from his home. He was a 1st year Higher Secondary student of Chapainawabganj City College. Police shot him dead and throw his dead body in front of a speedy Truck from Van. They claimed Asadullah died in accident when he was fleeing from their custody.

4. Nazmus Sakib

5. Oliur rahman Jony

Oliur Rahman a opposition party BNP leader was arrested and later on allegedly killed by DV police on. He posted in his facebook status that, police had a secret list of 10 BNP activists including him to be killed.  Knowing this he was trying to avoid police arrest. However, he was arrested by DB police and killed in so called gun fight on 20th January 2015.

6. Emdadullah (23)

Emdadullah was a student of Dhaka College. He was an active Shibir activist. He was arrested by the Police from his home in Mirpur, Dhaka area at 7pm on 31st January 2015. Police raided some student accommodations and arrested 7 others at that night. Finally he was shot dead and his body found in Dhaka medical college Hospital. As usual police cooked up the same cross fire story.

7. Imrul Kayes

Imrul Kayes, a local councillor of Narail Municipality. He was missing from 15th January 2015. After 3 days of his disappearance, on 19th January his family got ca call from his mobile and someone told them he had an accident and admitted in Dhaka medical. His family rushed to the hospital but nothing but found his dead bearing 10 bullets in his chest. Again another Brutal political execution by the ruling government force.

8. Motiur Rahman

Motiur Rahman, another victim of state killing. He was a student of Kansat Degree college.  He was an active member of Chatra Dal, the student wing of opposition party BNP. RAB-5 picked 3 activists from a local school in Kansat, Chapai Nawabganj. He was one of them. Following day Motiur’s dead body found shot dead. Again RAB declared it a gun fight killing.

9. Sakibul Islam



Police detained Sakibul Islam, a Shibir activist of Chittagong City on 19th January 2015. He was severely tortured in police custody and admitted in hospital. On 27th January 2015, he died in hospital.

10. Zubayer


Not a single one of those cases was investigated, no humanity, no justice. Yet possibly everyday we will have to read some one elses death news in Newspaper, another story of cross fire , gun fight ! 

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