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Muslim gunman kills 3 Americans on Capitol hill!

Written By: Ajmal-Masroor
12/02/2015 15:53 12/02/2015 15:41


An extremist Islamist inspired by Al-Qaeda and sympathetic to ISIS in Syria walked into a residential home of a family and shot dead three members of the same family in cold blood and broad day light. The Mayor of Washington has called this as a "terrorist act of great depravity" and urged Americans to report anyone looking foreign and behaving suspiciously in their neighbourhood. The US President has called the Muslim leaders in American to wake up and take responsibility. He said, "we can not have individuals inspired by an evil ideology threatening our way of living. We will take every step to punish the terrorists and their supporters wherever they are". There has been a groundswell of sympathy and outpouring of support for the victims family. Americans are united in their fight against Islamist extremists declared the media pundits and political commentators.

I am sorry but the above incident is fictitious, I made it up, however three Muslims from the same family in their home in Chapel Hill were executed by an American because they are simply Muslims but this story, even though it is true and happened yesterday, guess what, the international media, including British media and American media especially Fox TV, Sky TV and BBC have been remarkably silent! Why such silence? What would the media be doing if the fictitious story was right?

I can tell you what they would have done - they would have descended in the area like a pack of vultures, lined up the Muslim leaders demanding them to explain and apologise, accusing the Muslims of extremism, terrorism and anti-American, as well as made the lives of American Muslim another series of living hell. The more we witness this hypocrisy the more we become suspicious about the motive of the media and the politicians. This double standard must stop now.

American Muslims and Muslims in the West are equal human beings and equal citizens; treating them any differently would send the wrong signal and feed into the hate mantra of extremists of all sections of the community. We must stand together against all forms of hatred and intolerance. My heart goes out for the families of those murdered, I pray God grants them peace, rest and patience.


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