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Hope to be unscrewed!!!

Written By: Saddam-Hossain
17/02/2015 13:59 17/02/2015 13:50
Contemporary Debate

It's a hard nut to crack to break one's belief as well as support, you should know.Belief is like a screw of a machine that should be unscrewed soothing and a mechanical way.When you try this in a wrong way or forcibly it will be farcical and tighten the screw.To break one's belief that is irritating and disturbing to you(that's question-you claim to be a free thinker and humanist ,should other's belief hurt you?!!!)you prefer the wrong way and tighten the screw you are trying to unscrew.You call other's name and hope to called a saint? that's absolutely ridiculous.If you believe that you are a free thinker and have a brain (NOT ass like Thabababa,Nasrin,Asif) you should face other's belief in a way that will keep you and your opponents cool and calm.However,free-thinking is a mere phenomenon that does exist brinking like a star while pre-dominated and living examples of Mephistopheles pretend to be freethinker and making the world a hell to live in.



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