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No Conflict with Islam or Atheism

Written By: saymarefat
03/03/2015 11:54 03/03/2015 6:08
Women rights

Whenever any woman of this area tries to say something loudly people name her athiest or ultra modern or hypocrite. I will write about women rights I will say some untold stories but please dont mention me by above titles. I know what my religion is and how it respects woman.

In Islam women are given rights what they deserve actually and i don't want to disrespect any other religion. Main problem is in our point of view about woman. I feel shocked when I think about conditions of women in some parts of the world that how some arrogants stop them going to school. What kind of religious views they get how mean minded they are. No verse in Quran and hadith say not to educate women. If a person is not educated how can she or he knows his/her origin

Lets come to my country. Here education level and working environment for women are satisfactory if we compare to other South Asian countries. But we are still locked up by some old cultures, views. In Islam women have rights in family properties. But some people still humiliate her when she wants her rights in property. When a female gets married society still thinks she loses all rights in father's home. But you claim you are muslim in every steps then where your religion goes when your daughter your wife your sister want their rights? how many of you give your wives the mahr on first night or in life time they deserve?I have seen many highly educated families ignoring those deals.

I am  new blogger. Please forgive my mistakes if i said anything wrong. I will share my point of view that how i feel as a woman of third world, my observations, dissatisfactions. Hoping to get responses.

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