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Tara and Her Stars

Written By: saymarefat
13/03/2015 20:55 07/03/2015 7:42
Women rights

Tara is looking at her new born girl. Baby exactly looks like Tara. Same light brown color, same smile, and same eyes. Every visitor who is coming to see the new born saying o it’s a daughter! And it looks like her mom! Every mother becomes proud when her baby looks like her but she is unspoken.

Tara got married before one year. She became mother too early because her mother in law wanted. But everyone in her home is dissatisfied when they heard it’s a girl. Her mother in law is not talking to her in good way. Her husband Saikat works in UAE but has not called to Tara yet.

Many old memories are frustrating her. She was very good student but just completed H.S.C. Her parents were always fearful that she is not fair who will marry her. So when one proposal came from another family of village they did not reject. Saikat did not pass S.S.C. even and Tara’s family paid all the expenses to send him to U.A.E. That was the condition of their marriage. Tara became pregnant just after marriage and her husband also left for Abroad. She did most of the house hold works no one thought she is would be mother she needs caring. Her husband often called but very few times they talked. Every time he talked with his parents and siblings. Her condition became critical and last time they shifted her to hospital because they found no other way.

When she studied she read articles of Begum Rokeya. From her childhood she is being dishonored for her color. Her teachers were always proud of her. But in her home she had immense mental pain from her relatives. She often cried in silence at late night but who was there to hold her, hug her and said Tara you are Krishnakali, you are the most beautiful woman on earth!

She never felt love. Her husband did not say loving words on first night even not in last one year. Tara was always alone before or after marriage. She made stars of the sky her companions. She talked with the stars when all her works were done. Stars made her smile, stars made her cry during pregnancy.

Its 2 a.m. Earth is soundless. But Tara is with her baby girl under her sky. Suddenly all her surrounds are lighted Tara is looking like a fairy of tale holding her princess. Her stars giving her all the lights and saying Tara move on Tara this world is yours. Do you know who the stars are? It was her faith, her internal spirit, her self-belief. She is promising to herself she will not be a loser, she will instruct and take care of her princess as child not as daughter, her princess will not face that what she tolerated. Tara has decided she will contact her teachers and will start schooling. She knows a lady professor who is involved with a union which helps to develop woman. She will try to be self reliant. Baby girl is smiling Tara kisses her cheeks tears coming out but she stops crying because she has to fight in a long battle.

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