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Thank You!!

Written By: Pothik
27/03/2015 7:30 27/03/2015 7:28
Human rights

It was a typical summer Dhaka afternoon and I was stuck in a typical Dhaka traffic jam. Cooped up in a bus packed way beyond its capacity, the heat, boredom and a growing thirst was getting to me, so I decided to look at billboard along the road to kill time.  As I was looking, I suddenly came across this new billboard by Robi which put forward a very simple message. Do we ever say thanks to our office help when they bring us a glass of water or after they do things that we ask them to do? I realized the answer was ‘no’, we almost never do it. We assume that the office is paying them and it’s their duty. What we fail to realize is how amazing it feels when someone thanks you, appreciates you. Amidst all our work, we often fail to acknowledge these poor souls who dedicate their entire day to make our job a little more bearable. The billboard had a simple message but a powerful one, and it really made me start to rethink my ways. 

In about an hour I returned back to office but the heat had gotten better of me and even though I was thirsty, I could not conjure up enough strength to pick myself out of my seat and get a glass of water.  It was at that moment that I saw Uttam Dada, our office help, making his way towards my desk with a big frosted glass of cold water and a big smile on his face. After I drank it in one go I realized that here was a man who dedicates everyday in this office trying to make our lives and our jobs easier, the little things that we seem neither to notice nor express gratitude or appreciation for. So I set my glass down and offered him a genuine and heartfelt thank you. As I saw his face light up, I realized it doesn't take much to give happiness and sometimes all it takes is a simple thank you. So, my question to you is why not spread a little bit of happiness? Why not give these angels the thanks that they deserve?    

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