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So called Freedom

Written By: Niaz_Ahsan
05/04/2015 4:26
Thoughts and Ideology

Google defines freedom by saying 'the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants'. I am just a normal human being, stupid. As I grow up I came to know about our liberation war history, the great bravery of our heroes who fought and sacrificed for this country to get rid of the oppressed dominion. That's indeed a great incident and matter of pride for every bangladeshi.

So I dug deep into this word 'freedom'. I was being looked after my parents. As I am the only child of my parents, they had great attention towards me so  that I dont get spoiled by any means. I know whatever they did are for good reasons even though sometimes their behavior seemed to me like I am also oppressed inside house. Because I can't go out when I want, or I can't go and play with my friends at noon. So I felt like...oh! I am so not free. And I need freedom badly.

So After my SSC I got out from parents and admitted myself in Notre Dame College in Dhaka (my parents lived in Satkhira then) to taste freedom. I started living in a mess. I must say, this mess was really a mess. I started looking for that freedom. But alas !..I was disappointed. parents were not there to tell me what to do or not to do. But I found some new types of imprisonment or disadvantages, such as - food problem, sharing with multiple boys of various behavior and many others. I must say I could not taste the freedom I wanted, and I didn't know what freedom I was looking for. But one thing I must say, I could not find peace.

Gradually I completed my Bsc and now have started job and living with my parents now. But that thought of freedom is not vanished yet. I kept looking for my freedom. And then I found out some amazing things.

I thought about my initial stages. So I found out that, I did not choose to be a human being. Before coming into existence I was not asked about whether I want to be a human being or ape or a tiger or even a lizard. 

I did not choose to be born in this earth. No one asked me whether I want to come to this galaxy or anywhere else. I did not choose my DNA, skin color, biological structure, parents, country. Nothing. I chose nothing. I actually had no choice. I did not invent or buy my ultra powerful brain, hands, legs, cells from any super shop. I did not even ask for these amazing, cool stuffs. How come I say that I am free. How come ?

So I found out that, there is no such thing called 'my' or 'mine'. I am undoubtedly not free. Because everything that I see in this world as mine does not belong to me. 

So what's this freedom ? I can't find it. Because I dont belong to me. How can I own freedom !!


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