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Prevention of Child nimoniya Muktagacha Meeting

Written By: manoneshdas
08/04/2015 10:37

Prevention and polio-free status of the child niumokakkala nimoniya maintain regular immunization programs aimed at the implementation of the government's decision to use the vaccine pisibhi and IP Muktagachha Upazila Health Complex on Wednesday, meetings were organized advocacy initiatives. Upazila Health Complex Rashid room ceremony was presided over by Dr. Harun or Rosid . Special Guest  muuktiyoddha commander Abul Kasem . The health department officials, including World Vision NGO representatives, journalists, professionals from a variety of individuals took part. Abdul Kader  Muktagachha Press Club president who spoke,  Ali Amjad , Municipal panal Mayor Rina  panel, Primary Education Officer Rahman, Social Services Officer Tahmina Akter, journalist Shamsuddin Ahmed, chairman, Moniruzzman, Jamal Uddin King, Hossain Talukder, Islam Ripon, World Vision Technical Officer Ariful Amazon, municipal meetings Inspector Javed Iqbal .

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Prevention of Child nimoniya Muktagacha Meeting 


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