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Muktagacha napitakhola road corruption reforms

Written By: manoneshdas
10/04/2015 4:34

Muktagachha napitakhola road corruption reforms. Roads and Highways Department under the Muktagachha - eventually made accusations of irregularities in Phulbaria roads. Locals in the area and the roads turn jamunasing napitakhola be the turn of one thousand meters in tendering is not a newspaper. This is the period of 15 days began on April 3. Locals do not silkot Road broken part 7 mm or 3 mm performs a large part just dont mean to seven try out contractor. Construction work is not seen during the. Regard the Department's S.O Fazlur Rahman is working properly. Shaheen, the construction workers of the contractor claims that the mobile phone, online media, this is tendering. Taka 12 lakh to the proper implementation of the order of 15 percent less work done paiebam

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