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On the occasion of New Year masks Business

Written By: manoneshdas
13/04/2015 10:39

On the occasion of New Year masks Business .Mymensingh Muktagacha new year, has been the occasion of the young people of different religious cult. Year, hoping to gain the business has started a group of young business masks. Paper, glue, color combinations, the mask, the same hand, the industry is one of the paintings is enhanced. Each year, as part of a rally marking the turn-parban, panta festivals and cultural events are the various programs undertaken. Rally to bring different levels of different animals (tiger, owl, buffalo, birds) to take part in the masked attempt to depict celebrates bangla tradition. Bengalis to be able to rally the diversity of life. demand, Bengali culture, fostering as well as adding a new dimension in the painting business purpose. Types, 30 and 100 taka of the money has been spent on each painting to create . Many are eager buyers are buying them at higher price. Employment of the artists, as well as increase the efficiency of the quality. "Tarunnar alo" is the name of a voluntary organization, folk festivals and cultural heritage of the country have been working relentlessly to maintain. The steps have been taken to its continuation. Promotion and protection of folk culture on a large scale in the future more initiatives will be implemented. A member of the commercial objectives of the amount of income to be spent on improving the lives street.

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