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Facebook? For Free?

Written By: yalmaikazi
30/04/2015 13:11
Science and Technology

Facebook? For Free?

By Yalmai Kazi


Social media has taken the world by storm providing us a vast, interactive and almost infinite platform to share views and news. It has completely changed the way people interact and make friends. The social media most dominant in Bangladesh is Facebook. Facebook has completely changed the way we people communicate, this includes connecting with their old friends as well as forging new connections. Facebook has videos, songs and pages where new and established artists, musicians, writers and comics including several others post their work and also increasingly used by politicians to strengthen their relationships with people. It is also increasingly used by news outlets to disperse their news faster and more effectively. In other words, most of our time is spent on Facebook.


As a result of this, so that their beloved users can use Facebook with ease and economically, Robi has introduced an unbelievable opportunity by allowing its users to use Facebook completely for free. Every day they can dial a special USSD code, *8444*00# and browse Facebook and use it’s Messenger service completely for free. So not only can they keep up with the latest news and their friends but they can send messages for free to their friends and family via Messenger. Not only does this service allow them to be updated but also helps them during times of emergency when they don’t have enough credit to send an important message.


Robi, like the customer oriented service provider they have always been, has realized that the ease and advantages of the customer comes first and thus Facebook being a place their customers most communicate with they have taken this amazing step to provide them this service for free as sort of a gift or a give-back. As everybody knows by now, Robi also provides 24/7 constant customer service via Facebook as it been often seen that due to immense traffic, customer have difficulty to talk to a customer service officer over phone, so Robi provides real time Facebook support. Making Facebook free also allows their customers to contact them and get help from them completely for free and in the fastest way possible.


Robi has always brought superior services for their customers and this offer of a ‘Free Facebook’ is another such venture and here is to hoping that they keep on surprising us with such amazing offers.    


#Dhonnobad Robi


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