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Performance of Rubel Hossain

Written By: Pothik
30/04/2015 17:58

The ingredients of suspense , drama and meticulous attention have been recently given to the very renowned Bangladesh’s excruciating cricketer Rubel  Hossain .

As always I am a bit reluctant while complimenting recent celebs but the way he gives those deadly swings and fascinating pace I am almost surprised . His life was going through a huge ups and down trauma which was a storm for him but still he didn’t fail to give his outstanding performance. Moreover he has given lots a unforgettable moments to his fans which they can cherish. Well we all know what a turnaround and dismissal phase he went through during this World Cup. In this recent commercial of his, the way he performed was really beyond my utter expectation to be honest it  was utter pleasure to see his flawless performance. He is getting more perfect and accurate in his performance .Watching him on tv is complete pleasure and my eyes hardly get such intense attention. The best thing about him is he is very down to earth and not a show off brat. He has this genuine character which he keeps showing always no matter what. That’s what very catchy he has this certain rawness in his character. The  more days passes by our expectation rise from him and deep down inside I hope he will keep sharpening his accuracy. 

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