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Home, sweet home: how hard is it to find one in Dhaka?

Written By: lost_explorar
21/05/2015 14:39
Burning Issue

The housing problem has always been a thriving one for the capital city of Bangladesh - Dhaka. The population is growing, but the city isn’t. Though significance of Dhaka has been rising for past couple of decades due to increasing population, area expansion and bureaucratic centralization; the mystification of housing problem has always troubled the newcomers as well as the current inhabitants. A huge portion of the newcomers are the students who graduate from the high schools every year. Numerous number of private universities and pre-schooling for university admission tests are also playing the pivotal roles in this aspect. Considering current perspectives, there are a lot more to be done to address and to solve this problem.



The silent urge


It is obvious that people struggle to find a place to rent. On the other hand, apartment owners are also having hard time to find an appropriate renter. Moreover, there is no significant platform to search for apartment, office space or room for commercial use. The absence of a common platform to serve these needs is prominent. Thus a silent urge is emerging with time. A platform like Lamudi can be the perfect solution to bring these two parties together for mutual benefits. There is a bit of trust issue involved in this case which can be considered as a part of social stigma. Lamudi is keen to develop partnerships with existing trusted entities to overcome this barrier. Word of mouth could be the best advertisement to build a trusted platform for promising housing solutions.



The place in focus


Comparatively new areas are targeted by the newcomers due to cheaper prices. Places like ‘Dhanmondi’ or ‘Gulshan’ are considered as over priced (around 50000 BDT) area due to prime location. On the other hand, a few kilometers distance puts the renters at ease when price (almost half - 30000 BDT) is a major concern. Specially, ‘Uttara’ has become a prime target for the young professionals as well as for the students. Though distance from the city center is discouraging, the ongoing construction of first subway project could open the most potential door for housing business in this area. Uttara has immense potential considering the foreseeing future. Major banks, shopping malls, supermarkets and food courts have already opened their branches and the hotel business is also booming around this area because of the nearby airport. For the inhabitants of Uttara, affordability wins the race against distance. And they are about to be rewarded with fast subway service. If we look ahead, Uttara is the place to live in.


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