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A good experience in a bad day

Written By: Pothik
31/07/2015 16:26

It was eve of EID.  Dhaka city citizens went outside the city to celebrate their EID. The whole city was almost empty! It was quite a good feeling to roam around in the city and visiting neighbors’ home. Me with my family went to a party at one of our neighbor’s home at Bashundhora residential area. Since we met after such a long time, it became late when we started for our home. The whole city was empty at night; no transportation was there, no cng or 
anything! It was an awkward situation as my family was with me. We waited for almost 45 minutes for transport but there was no such so! So I called one of my friends who lives nearby to advice me something useful. He said that Robi has got associated with Toma Taxi Service, which is the first of its kind in Bangladesh with unique features of comfort, safety and reliability in taxi service. I did not believe at first but I called the hotline and booked on of the taxis nearby, and surprisingly within 10 minutes a taxi came and we went back home at a very cost efficient fare! I was mesmerized by such service in Bangladesh. Thanks Robi for your amazing step 

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