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Rembering Zakaria Islam of East London

Written By: Ajmal-Masroor
15/09/2015 15:15

Zakaria Islam killed in East London

Life hangs between uncertainty and hope but death hangs between certainty and certainty.

I have just returned from an emotional rollercoaster ride. My dear friend has just passed away. May God have mercy on his soul, grant him the highest station for his soul's rest and prepare for him the loftiest paradise in the hereafter.

Earlier in the evening I received a random message saying brother Zakaria has passed away. I asked the person, which Zakaria? There was no reply! My heart became restless instantly. In my heart I felt a strange sense of loss and I prayed it would not be my good friend Zakaria. I immediately called a member of Zakariya's family and the voice, noise and faint cries at the background confirmed my worse fear. It was my childhood friend Zakaria Islam, a Raaqi and a much loved community member of East London was stabbed to death around 7pm. From God we all come and to Him we shall return.

I have a very fond memory of Zakaria. He always had a wonderful smile and cheekiness about him that would disarm even his worse enemy. He always gave me real and manly hugs and shook my hands such that every bone in my hand would feel his presence and warmth. He would always tease me for all sorts of things. We had a great banter every time we met. He is a man that would be greatly missed by thousands of people and grieved by all for many years to come. May God make his transition from this life to the next easy.

We used to hang out together in the East End of London in our teenage years. While many young boys went to clubs, bars and pubs we kept ourselves busy with halal fun. Many youth of our generation got involved in gangs, crimes and drugs but we stayed focused on our faith and our future. We went to summer schools, evening classes, youth activities, camping, adventure parks and all sorts of amazing character building initiatives. Zakaria was always there and I will miss him tremendously. May God keep his good work alive in our memory.

There were few of us hanging out often. We spend many days praying together and many nights in qiyam. We spent long hours in the mosque and youth centres reflecting on Islam and society, life purpose and our real mission in the world. We were keen on saving ourselves from the tidal waves of decadence and immoral activities. We succeeded to a large degree. We became friends and brothers in faith forever. There was a magical bond that kept us together and exists even today. His passing away so tragically has already made us feel deeply empty. May God make his life a good legacy for us all.

The power of our friendship and brotherhood cemented us so well that even after so many years as soon as I heard his tragic death I couldn't sit at home. I jumped to my feet and drove to see his family. My heart was racing and my mind was in denial. I was hoping that when I arrive at his house I would be told it was a practical joke and Zakaria was still alive and OK. But I was foolish and allowed my mind to play tricks on me. He was no more and that was as sure as I was alive. May God have mercy on his soul.

Nearly a thousand people had gathered in the mosque at the evening prayer as the news of his death spread like wild fire. People of all walks of life were there, crying, consoling, praising and praying. I went to his house and there were many people waiting outside just to give their condolences to the family. I saw young and old, men and women. I felt honoured to have been included in the sea of people all praising my good friend Zakaria. He may have been stabbed to death but his death was no ordinary matter. I had to look at the faces of so many people to know that a truly devout and wonderful human being has passed away from amongst us. May God give him a special place in paradise.

Zakaria left behind his beloved wife and three wonderful daughters, his three brothers and an elderly mother.His eldest daughter got married only recently. He was so proud to have a son-in-law. He was the first one to achieve the status of father-in-law in our age group. He teased me about it only recently saying why was I lagging behind. I was not lagging behind, he was ahead of us all. He had done his job, he did not need more time to achieve any further grace or height on this earth. God has taken him to a higher place for sure. It is us who are left behind to still try to achieve a small amount of what he may have achieved in his relatively short life.May God accept all his good deeds.

Life is uncertain but death is most certain - we keep on forgetting and God keeps on reminding.

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