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A world united against terror : Addressing the route cause

Written By: Towhid
25/11/2015 20:58

We unequivocally welcome the unanimous adoption of a UN Security Council resolution urging the world to unite to defeat IS. The move follows the recent ghastly terrorist attacks in Beirut, Paris and Mali that left close to two hundred civilians dead and the rest of the world shocked and helpless. 

Although it had been a long time coming, the resolution is a significant development, with Russia and China on board, both permanent members with veto powers, historically opposing any resolution that could be seen as interfering with the internal affairs of a country. Therefore, upholding the sovereignty of nations, it was crafted in a way to give states added political and diplomatic teeth to eliminate ISIS and called for sanctions and enhanced cooperation to cut off the flow of foreign fighters to Iraq and Syria. In another development in this part of the world, the Malaysian premier opened a fresh round of summitry by railing against the very ideology behind extremism. 

Terrorism is borderless and faceless. That's why participation of all countries is necessary to combat it. Addressing it calls for moral clarity and not just aerial bombardment of “safe havens” which, oftentimes, results in casualties of innocent civilians. Time has come for all countries to take a hard look at the root causes of terrorism and find pragmatic and lasting solutions. 

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