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Aaiphona sells kidney to buy!

Written By: Bdnews
20/01/2016 10:35

The new version of the iPhone sold his kidney to buy iPhone 6 have come to China for two persons.

China Daily has reported that the name of the person buying the new iPhone will uyu huyanke said to his friend. But the iPhone is planning to sell a kidney because they can not afford to buy. Illegal organs via the Internet and communicate with business representatives. Nanjing is one of them asked to return to the hospital for tests. He has not been seen at the hospital on September 1 representative. He plans to sell his kidney uyu badalanani aside to Huang. Friend uyu police call to stop the sale of kidneys.Huang has been on the run since then.

Adolescents and young people to buy a smartphone in the case, however, is not the first sign of growing desperation. China, one of the young in the 01's kidney to buy iPhone and iPad become ensnared traders to sell organs. Seven were sentenced for their involvement in this.

IPhone and luxury goods in China in 013 to buy a couple of them were charged with selling kanyasisuke. The prosecutors alleged, Zhang Teng couple and their kanyasisuke nearly six million in exchange for selling the newspaper advertisements. Internet, the iPhone and the majority of the money they spent to buy luxury goods. The couple's bank account and credit card transactions, there's evidence.


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Aaiphona sells kidney to buy! 


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