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"Laissez-education sector has become a private university '

Written By: Bdnews
20/01/2016 10:37

Students thinking about private universities, has turned into a trade siksakhatake alleged that the Private University Students 'Foundation'. Taking advantage of teaching students from the University of frogs umbrella to run a massive amount of money is being alleged. Pouring the commercialization of a private university Board of Trustees President has denied the allegations. Reporters Unity on Monday at a press conference the president of the University Students' Foundation accused the Minister Rono, a lot of education in the country has established degrading. They did not speak to the future of the students are facing the threat of thinking. As a result, the nation is heading towards a crisis. " He claimed that "the interests of the students at these universities would not.They trade the education sector has become. Some members of the Board of Trustees of the university took possession of spies. " "The education sector in order to trade against these companies, we are going to campaign." This andeolane urged university students to come forward. "Banijyikikarana education to private universities may be liable. But the provision is not that trade ', stressing that the University of Development Alternative (iuda) Mujeeb Khan, president of the Board of Trustees. Priyakamake he said, "the country's 83 private universities with tuition fees for most students is hard to. These expenses are more than income. So there is no scope to do business here. "

He said, "There are some universities who took over the Kremlin. Trade complaints against them may be. The government may have to investigate it. But the idea would not be fair to say that, at the level of non-university education, business and jobs. "

On Wednesday, the students went to the University of East West Rampura police firing took place. Teachers and students of the wounded night photos you've taken to the streets since Thursday morning spread through social and private university students.The National Board of Revenue (NBR) said in a commentary, the private university authorities to pay VAT at 7 percent, not the students. ' Finance minister AMA muhata press conference, said: "The tax will be imposed on the university authorities. Private university owners announced, students will not pay VAT. The VAT authorities will. "

The University Students' Foundation, at a press conference at Dhaka Reporters Unity on Friday under the banner of the organization's president Rono Minister announced the withdrawal. He priyakama said, "Now we'll movement against private university banijyere free."

Universities talk about free trade is no VAT on Education, an organizer with Farhan Habib. He priyakama said, "This logical charges. Students who are always on the movement of prices. But for those who want to resist the movement of students, there is no place to stand with them. " Such movement can be made ​​with ordinary students, he said.

"The university and the students movement against free trade is a logical demand. For we can do together to create a platapharma. However, the VAT that the opposition movement has allowed the creation of a platform. "

However, the VAT anti-andolakari with many students, said they 'commercialization of education' against. They said, "but that the movements should be small. Once this movement as a form of VAT to the opposition movement. "


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"Laissez-education sector has become a private university ' 


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