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Need a smiling face only!

Written By: Ulysses
21/02/2016 6:45 19/02/2016 4:48

From where does respect come?Whether it from the love or fear?I think both of them and it depends on the person or community we respect.In this way respect falls into two categories:love respect and fear respect.Following two examples will clarifay it to our eyes like daylight.In my view love respect  is the respect for the parents by their children.The rest one is like the respect for the doctors by their patients and so on but I will focus on it.I visited a doctor in a Medical College Hospital two years back.There was a long queue of patients so pertinently I had to wait for long for my turn and it was not less than two hours.Finally,my turn came so I entered into the doctor's room and greeted him well but response from his bench was so poor as I am patient, inferior to him! If it were in his private chamber the scenario would be more cozy.The doctor was quiet handsome and grave natured asked me to relate my problem without looking at me , I am not such odius! Then I have started to tell but fortunately my doctor whom I visited was a might seer because before finishing my words he gave me a list of medicine.Good bless him! I was shocked heavily because not only he didn't give me more than half a minute but also the way he treated me. However ,I soothed myself as it is common to the all patients. Exception might have they will definitely win our heart and love but in fact they are very few in number. We pay respect to them but what do they return ? Is it their service? I think not at all because we are purchasing it ,aren't we? . Most of the time they show their annoyance before patients why he/she can't describe his/her problems as precisely and minutely as they want.But they should know the patients are not doctors.It is impossible to relate the problems minutely according to their desire.The patients are generally weak in their nerve besides their sickness. It is very common matter that if we can't relate our problem hurriedly we might have rebuffed either mildly or harshly but have to  because time is money to them .So we feel nervous and discomfort  before doctor. It loses our confidence to converse with them frankly and this is one of the major causes for ill treatment .We need a smiling face only, this is quiet enough and similar to half treatment.You are brilliant enough giving suggestions to you from my side nothing but imbecility. But question to you which respect does work best? 

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