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Written By: Ulysses
21/02/2016 5:13 20/02/2016 12:43

The cousre of life is as curve as country road.You won't get straight path for a long, you face innumerable curves in your way and you have to accustom with it unless get ready for doom.You will get the essence of idyllic beauty in spring when a cuckoo sings, new leaves or young shoots play in boughs but my friend be vigilant it won't last for long.Don't be frustrated I am not suggesting you to stop enjoying the present moment rather to think a while for those days when it's winter,there was no leaves in boughs.Don't allow such thinking that this is a negative thought and  will lessen your hilarity.Be sure it helps to enjoy the present moment besides make you strong for the next winter,you can't resist it's advance any more .Someone believes that thinking for future spoils the present.I am not agree with their notion thoroughly but my thought is almost same as their words except the word "thinking" ,I think it would be "Worrying".Then it would be perfect.Stop worrying for future and it is also needless to think for vague future.Calculate only 24 hours and make attempt to live and happy.In Sha Allah happiness willingly hug you and ask your permission to dwell in your marquee.

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