Police’s brutal ferocity can’t be stopped by an unpopular regime

Written By: Nazmul
17/02/2016 18:49
Police Brutality

The father of the modern British police, Sir Robert Peel, must be turning in his grave to learn about the brutal ferocity and nefarious unlawful activities of some members of the Bangladesh police. Serving twice as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Sir Robert was of the view that the police....    Full story...

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Warrant issued for arrest of Mahfuz Anam

Written By: Nazmul
16/02/2016 23:56 16/02/2016 23:01
Media and Newspaper

The Intimidation and harassment to the Journalist continues in Bangladesh. Many Journalists are behind the bar for years, some of them are without charges. This time senior journalist and Editor of Popular Daily English Paper Daily Star is the target.  A Narayanganj court yesterday....    Full story...

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Bangladesh Government fail to save Avijit Roy

Written By: Nazmul
07/05/2015 23:46
Burning Issue

Avijit Roy, a blogger, writer and known for Mukto-Mona (freethinker) platform that he initiated to spread secular liberal values in Bangladesh.  To be honest I did’t know about him much before he came to media attention on his death. What I came to know now he was an atheist from Hindu....    Full story...

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BNP Declares Nationwide Strike, But AL ( Ruling Party ) cadres more active in Burning Bus and Killing people ! ( Photo Post )

Written By: Nazmul
07/02/2015 19:55

Bangladesh is burning! People are in shock. Current political instability arising the tension on a daily basis. Death toll rises, despite the entire crisis both government and the opposition party does not show any empathy to the citizens of the country in their action.  Opposition party....    Full story...

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January 2015:Serial Killing Mission of Govt Security Forces!

Written By: Nazmul
03/02/2015 0:25 03/02/2015 0:06
Human rights

As the main opposition party leader calls nationwide blockade demanding National Election, a crucial serial killing started from the January 2015 to shut down anti government protests.  Govt forces allegedly targeting the opposition activists. Govt security forces like Police, RAB are....    Full story...

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Bangladesh: Key Media Executive arrested,fear extrajudicial Murder

Written By: Nazmul
01/02/2015 15:24 01/02/2015 15:22

Detective Branch(DB) of Bangladesh arrested top Media personality while ago without any formal charge. Mosaddek Ali (Falu), the Chairman and Managing Director of Popular Private TV Channel NTV has been held GMT 2pm. Image: DB taking Mosaddek Ali, Managing Director....    Full story...

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Mir Quasem Ali:In the Eye of a Ruling party MP

Written By: Nazmul
08/11/2014 22:27 08/11/2014 20:35
BD War crime trial

[Note: Mir Mir Quasem Ali is a Media Entrepreneur and Political leader of opposition largest Islamist party 'Bangladesh Jamaat e Islami'. Current government of Bangladesh alleged him war crime and put into controversial trial for his alleged role in 1971 liberation war of....    Full story...

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Past and new Enemy of Bangladesh !

Written By: Nazmul
31/12/2013 12:03 31/12/2013 11:53

I was in level 4 in primary school at that time. We used to play in our local play ground with my 2 other class mates and some Boro vaias ( local elder brothers). It was not only about playing, but more than that. Boro vaias used to tell interesting stories and they used to share much information....    Full story...

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World’s top 10 intellectuals are Muslims!

Written By: Nazmul
02/11/2013 14:46

The bimonthly U.S. international affairs journal Foreign Policy has just published a survey of the world’s top 20 public intellectuals and the first 10 are all Muslims. They are certainly an interesting group of men (and one woman) but the journal’s editors are not....    Full story...

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Colonialism, politics of language and partition of Bengal PART I

Written By: Nazmul
10/09/2013 0:31 10/09/2013 0:30

by Nurul Kabir I do not know whether or not a political Pakistan will emerge in India, but what I am sure about is, given the way writers of the Hindu community and the education department have been ignoring the use of the spoken language of the Muslim majority community of Bengal in....    Full story...

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A poem by ''Kazi Nazrul Islam''

Written By: Nazmul
31/08/2013 13:39
Arts and Literature

A Mountain Song We are wild as the storm  We are restless as the spring  We are fearless like god and generous like nature. We are as free as the sky  We are Bedouin, the deserts wandering tribe.  We know no king nor any king's....    Full story...

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Drunken boy Joy: Future Chief of Awami League!

Written By: Nazmul
05/08/2013 12:27 05/08/2013 12:10

Sajib Wazed Joy, son of Awami League President Sheikh Hasina have returned to Bangladesh few days ago and became headline almost everyday of his short visit by the grace of Pro-Awami League secularist propaganda media machinaries. People of Bangladesh thought he would be different, at least not....    Full story...

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Meet a Muslim :)

Written By: Nazmul
29/05/2013 17:02 29/05/2013 17:01
Thoughts and Ideology

In a poll it is found that 62% American people never met a Muslim personally. Its really amazing. While non Muslims do not interact Muslims personally and do not experience Muslim's attitude and behavior, they find Muslims in media as terrorists. Who gonna take the responsibility ? Muslims,....    Full story...

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Shamim not first,Delwar is not last:State Terrorism continues in Bangladesh

Written By: Nazmul
24/05/2013 15:09 24/05/2013 15:05
Human rights

Each and every day we are getting news of severe human rights violation  in Bangladesh by law enforcement agencies. Observing the horrific crisis, I feel like I am not even able to express my awe properly. I can say for sure, every conscious Bangladeshi is in trauma witnessing the terror....    Full story...

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Babunagari’s confession is misleading and false, Obtained by force: Ahmad Shafi

Written By: Nazmul
24/05/2013 1:12
Contemporary Debate

Amir of Hefazote Islam Allama Shah Ahmed Shafi claimed that the Secretary General of Hefazote Islam, Junaid Babunagari was forced in remand to make a false confession under law 146. He also said the confession was therefore ‘misleading’. Allama Shafi had made this claim in a written....    Full story...

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