City corporation election white wash, a defeat for Awami fascism and a mandate for justice and restoration of caretaker government.

Written By: Mozafor
16/06/2013 0:51

BNP must not be complacent with the result; there are many hurdles to pass in near future, especially the question of caretaker government must be resolved. Today’s result is a victory against bullet, wide spread corruption and multitude of injustice carried out by this government. BNP must....    Full story...

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Martyrs of Shapla Chottor plead for Justice.

Written By: Mozafor
14/06/2013 19:18

Some things we can never forget, and if we do, it may be done consciously to suppress those traumatic or disturbing experiences. Recent revelation of Shapla Chottor genocide by Odhikar and few other newspapers have again brought back those harrowing experiences in to our mind. I don’t want....    Full story...

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Signing of TICFA agreement will be an economic death blow for Bangladesh. Not many people know about its pros and cons.

Written By: Mozafor
14/06/2013 15:59

Bangladeshi garments exporter has to pay a 15.3% duty while China only pays 3% but has no TICFA agreement with USA. United state has given Bangladesh GSP facility to 97% of our export product and is threatening to scrap it if we don’t sign the agreement. What people are not aware, those....    Full story...

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Why did this government delete the caretaker system?

Written By: Mozafor
14/06/2013 15:57
Burning Issue

The caretaker system was adopted under the 13th amendment of the constitution in 1996 to provide a free, fair and neutral election. In a country like Bangladesh where political government organise the administration and the law enforcement agencies during their tenure in such away that these....    Full story...

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The most powerful expression on justice in history ever!

Written By: Mozafor
14/06/2013 15:48
Religion & Culture

Those who propagate that Islamic teaching is back dated and only meant for the 14th century, should reflect on this following statement of the Quran: “O you who have believed, be persistently standing firm in justice, witnesses for Allah, even if it be against yourselves or parents and....    Full story...

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Madam Zias’ predicament and Awamileagues wishful thinking

Written By: Mozafor
14/06/2013 15:39

Begum Zias’ two sons has powerful influence on matters of important political decisions that can some times complicate things or alienate other leaders within her inner circle if they overrule their advice to her. There are some elements within her party that have been bought by Awamileague....    Full story...

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The cure for our social disease

Written By: Mozafor
12/06/2013 17:04
Religion & Culture

The Sufis say that the cure for all social disease is love, but I say the cure is not only in  ‘love’, for, we may have love for our parents, but we do not always follow them; we can never leave our human propensity for greed, lust, desire, envy, pride: it is innate and always....    Full story...

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Many faces of Awami Fascism: Advocate Dr Tuhin Malik receives death threat

Written By: Mozafor
11/06/2013 12:59

When you can’t win a debate, threaten your opponents; this is the colour of Awami fascism. Recently there has been an increase in attack on talk show intellectual in Bangladesh, who feels obliged to criticise the wrong policy of the government. We have seen attack on editors, and death....    Full story...

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Awamileague opened a Pandora’s Box with Shabag project. Indian intelligence agency are worried

Written By: Mozafor
10/06/2013 15:14
Burning Issue

It has been reported in a recent report that Indian intelligence agency (RAW) having made their analysis, are worried for BD awamileague prospect for winning the next election. Their observation is that Shabag bloggers have made negative impact on the popularity and support of Awamileague with....    Full story...

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We have a huge public support after 6th of May killings, and we should learn to turn this support in to strength.

Written By: Mozafor
10/06/2013 12:06

Brothers and sisters in Islam, do not be deceived by a lull in anti Islamic rhetoric by those ardent leftist and Nastik planners, whom almost nearly turned Bangladesh in to a philosophy of prior Islam ignorance and fire worshiping. Virtue candle light and other such act by the Shabagi endangered....    Full story...

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An example of extortion racketeering run by Bangladesh Police: millions pocketed by threat and coercion.

Written By: Mozafor
08/06/2013 22:12

Our story begins at Dhaka University when deputy commissioner Mullah Nazrul was then a student, and an Awami Cadre. By a turn of fate and favour from top Awami official, he has now become a police officer. But his old habit of extortion had remained with him, this time with the help of fellow....    Full story...

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In today’s world, hegemonic powers sees Islam as their main threat replacing communism

Written By: Mozafor
08/06/2013 22:09

Once upon a time, communism was the main contender for the capitalist Zionist axis for ideological battle, but now, Islam, Islamic movement and governments are the new rival for the west today. Bangladesh is no exception to myriad of countries that are victim of enemy plots to create divisions....    Full story...

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পিটুনি খেয়ে হেফাজত সুবহানাল্লাহ সুবহানাল্লাহ বলে পালিয়

Written By: Mozafor
08/06/2013 21:48 08/06/2013 21:45

Suronjit Shen Gupta mocks Hifazote Islam and Sayed Ashraf says those intellectual who call for caretaker government were the slave of Pakistan military administration. Mr Ashraf has forgotten it was Awamileage who imposed 173 days of Hartal for the provision of Care Taker Government, and his Home....    Full story...

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Sylhet Mayor Election: Air of neglect, putting the sun back to Sylhet

Written By: Mozafor
07/06/2013 21:05
Burning Issue

Two times mayor Qamrans’s luck is about to change. With the cloak ticking, a new revelation of sordid details has dampened the smile off Qamrans’s face. A woman has claimed to be his second wife has been reported by a National Daily ‘Amadershomy’. The woman claims that....    Full story...

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