Brutality of MAY 5: History will remember

Written By: Nazmul
05/05/2013 20:37 05/05/2013 20:34
Human rights

It's been just few days Bangladesh has lost more than 600 lives (up until now, will add more) by the devastating building collapsed ever happened in the history of the world. Our heart still not recovered from that ache, while nation mourning caused by Savar tragedy, today unfortunate....    Full story...

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More than 2500 killed by police, more than 10,000 injured and 5000 missing

Written By: Nazmul
08/05/2013 0:25 05/05/2013 17:36
Human rights

Bangladesh govt was in action to remove Hefajot activists from Dhaka. Indiscriminately killing people. Awamileague and Chatraleague ( Ruling Govt activists ) thugs were also attacking and killing Hefajot activists. One man is slaughtered by Awami thugs in Awami office. Govt has cut all TV....    Full story...

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The 13 Point Demands of Hefazat-e-Islam and the Middle Ages Controversy

Written By: Nazmul
06/05/2013 3:23 01/05/2013 15:01
Women rights

This article is an exclusive translation of a Bangla article written by women’s rights advocate, Farida Akhter and translated by Mohammad Hossain ( Copied from Original Article : Hefazat-e-Islam returned home....    Full story...

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Child Rape: symptom of social disease

Written By: Nazmul
30/04/2013 23:50 30/04/2013 23:32
Human rights

Five years old Salma. She is just like a little butterfly and star of her parents eyes. This little angel found raped and dead in Mirpur on June  2010. Even long before that we know about a little girl in Bogra were killed by some demons. I know we have already forgot the name. The....    Full story...

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International Crimes Tribunal of Bangladesh in the Light of History

Written By: Nazmul
28/04/2013 0:04 27/04/2013 23:49
BD War crime trial

by Dr. Abdullah Al-Ahsan   Bangladesh has recently captured headlines in international media outlets thanks to its International War Crime Tribunal (ICT)....    Full story...

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Savar Tragedy: Workers were beaten with stick and forced to enter into work

Written By: Nazmul
27/04/2013 1:30 27/04/2013 1:24
Human rights

Image: Daily star There were cracks in Rana Plaza, the multi-storied building that collapsed in Savar. According to Shirin, one of the badly injured victims, their factory announced it would close on Tuesday morning after cracks were noticed in the building. The workers had voiced their....    Full story...

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The dark underworld of Bangladesh's clothes industry-BBC Reports

Written By: Nazmul
26/04/2013 17:40
Bangladesh in Intl. Media

Image:Relatives of Savar victim waiting outside with photos to recognise them Bangladesh's clothes industry has created its own distinctive landscape on the northern edges of the capital Dhaka. From the sprawl of one-room houses and shacks where workers live, scores of multi-storey....    Full story...

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Hefajot should challenge this video to sue Boishakhi TV

Written By: Nazmul
23/04/2013 14:50 23/04/2013 14:49

Boishakhi Tv has reported a very intentional news to defame Hefajot and mislead people. In the report, without any proper evidence, reporter is claiming Hefajot is actually a terrorist organization. I think Hefajot should take action against....    Full story...

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Evidence prove Kamaruzzman cases invalid

Written By: Nazmul
23/04/2013 1:33 22/04/2013 22:48
BD War crime trial

Assistant secretary general of Bangladesh Jamat-e-Islami Mohammad Kamaruzzaman was accused at the International Crimes Tribunal-2 for committing crimes against humanity such as genocide, torture during the liberation war of Bangladesh in 1971. He was detained on 13th July 2010 but “shown....    Full story...

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Summary of Kamaruzzaman case:analysis found him innocent

Written By: Nazmul
22/04/2013 22:49 19/04/2013 14:47
BD War crime trial

Muhammad Kamaruzzaman was detained on 13th July 2010. He was “shown arrested” on 22nd of July 2010 in a case filed by Shahbag Police Station for “obstructing police while they were discharging duties”. After enduring almost 2 years in prison without any charge,....    Full story...

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SHEIKH MUJIB- THE NEW MUGHAL: Wiki Leaks Revealed Mujib Rule-1:

Written By: Nazmul
13/04/2013 23:22

Recently Wiki leaks revealed some confidential documents from US Diplomatic sources on Sheikh Mujib's rule of Bangladesh after independant in 1971. This cable had sent from US embassy in Bangladesh before the assasination of Skeikh Mujib in 1975. This is the unedited version for the reader of....    Full story...

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Bangladesh Police: State sponsored Criminal

Written By: Nazmul
12/04/2013 0:22 12/04/2013 0:09
Human rights

Police is supposed to be saviour of citizens, they are there to give service to the people. But in Bangladesh Police is the most corrupted institution. Recently they became symbol of the oppressive regime. The crime they already committed, all other groups  altogether did not commit, that....    Full story...

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No Blasphemy Law in Bangladesh: PM Sheikh Hasina

Written By: Nazmul
08/04/2013 19:52 08/04/2013 19:03
Law and Order

In an interview to BBC's Dhaka correspondent Anbarasan Ethirajan, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said existing laws are sufficient to punish anyone who attempted to insult religion. Her response came after Hefazt e Islami,a non political traditional Ulamas class of Debond pushed forwrad....    Full story...

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Women in Bangladesh : hope or disappointment ?

Written By: Nazmul
02/04/2013 16:43
Women rights

It was 1960s, my mother used to be a very talented student in her school. When she was merely a 13 years old little girl, my grandfather decided to get her married. Hearing this shocking news, school teachers went to request my Nana (Grandfather) not to destroy my mother’s bright future.....    Full story...

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History and Geopolitics : Rohingya Muslims

Written By: Nazmul
29/03/2013 16:52 29/03/2013 16:51
Human rights

While Aung San Suu kyi is quite silent and she has also refued to accept Rohingya Muslims as Myanmar's citizens, we must know the real history. State sponsored or state backed persecution on Rohingya is being continued. Hundreds and thousands of Rohingya Muslims are being burnt, slaughtered.....    Full story...

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