Unexpected Mayhem

Written By: Aboneel
01/02/2015 10:39

It is an evident character of people to possess a different point of view. But, it doesn’t mean that we demolish others by establishing own. This view is evitable in political arenas at large. It is natural, that, no one cannot be perfect. Allah (swt) doesn’t make us a perfect. We....    Full story...

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Fake News Go Viral

Written By: Aboneel
26/01/2015 12:45
Contemporary Debate

In a bright sunny morning, you log in your facebook account. When homepage appears, you see a news link containing bereavement news of one of the top musicians in your country. You must be shocked and desperately click on that news URL. After clicking and skipping piles of ads; closing irritating....    Full story...

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Make Hay When Sun Shines

Written By: Aboneel
21/01/2015 10:17
Thoughts and Ideology

Before the arrival of this year’s November 1, Bangladeshi people remembered it for political reason. Tally has now contained another stick of “Nationwide Electricity Debacle”. Whatever the cause was, people had to suffer a lot by that unwanted and oblivious transpiration. That....    Full story...

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