Evolution of Underground Music in Bangladesh

Written By: Fariha
14/07/2014 3:34 14/07/2014 3:33

Underground music is generally known as a movement in the music industry when a certain group of listeners want to listen to a genre of music which is not available in the mainstream music arena and a group of musicians are interested to produce that type of music. The inception of underground....    Full story...

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Humankind | Demonkind

Written By: Fariha
13/07/2014 18:50 13/07/2014 18:50

Humankind is an unbelievable creature. They almost always tend to believe that they can achieve, they can find, almost anything if the level of dedication is appropriate, even if that thing is as immensely unimaginable and unbelievably vast as God. For centuries we have been engaged in the search....    Full story...

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Social Media Marketing - Making customers devoted

Written By: Fariha
13/07/2014 9:57 13/07/2014 9:05

If you want to collect information about different things, places, products, companies, etc at the same time? Is it getting harder for you to go through the whole research process? Well, it is not that hard to gather information in a row when you have social media working for you. Presently, many....    Full story...

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Microsoft Warns of Internet Explorer Zero-Day Bug

Written By: Fariha
30/04/2014 17:05
Science and Technology

Microsoft has released a security advisory that warns about remote code executions in various versions of Internet Explorer. "This issue allows remote code execution if users visit a malicious website with an affected browser," Microsoft said. "This would typically occur by an....    Full story...

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Benefits of Digital Marketing over Traditional Media

Written By: Fariha
30/04/2014 17:03
Science and Technology

The digital revolution has not just arrived, it has well settled in. Traditional communications have muted, fragmented and diversified to create a spectrum of media experiences that provide consumers non-parallel option and freedom of choice. With the rise of the digital media, brand can connect....    Full story...

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Amazon Drops In-App Payments on ComiXologyiOS App

Written By: Fariha
30/04/2014 17:01
Science and Technology

In a bid to avoid paying transaction fees to Google and Apple, Amazon has removed in-app purchases on the ComiXologyiOS app and updated payment options on Android. Amazon acquired ComiXology recently, and in a move that has irked fans of the digital comics service, the online retail giant has....    Full story...

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Written By: Fariha
29/03/2014 10:40 29/03/2014 10:31
Science and Technology

The superhero with a suit equipped with technology that’s out of this world, all the coolest gadgets and never needing an extra ride is the IRON MAN. Robert Downy Jr. has totally rocked the movie and Iron Man has had exponential increase in fan base. Now Iron Man fans can see the super....    Full story...

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A way to BOOST your design presence

Written By: Fariha
09/02/2014 21:13 09/02/2014 19:40
Science and Technology

  The trend of 2014 is to make yourself visible. It's a golden rule for this year for the designers/ developers looking for work. This rule is equally true for graphic designers, front-end developers, UX people or any other visual design field for that matter. We all know, Facebook....    Full story...

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