A good experience in a bad day

Written By: Pothik
31/07/2015 16:26

It was eve of EID.  Dhaka city citizens went outside the city to celebrate their EID. The whole city was almost empty! It was quite a good feeling to roam around in the city and visiting neighbors’ home. Me with my family went to a party at one of our neighbor’s home at....    Full story...

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Coming Back was never this good !

Written By: Pothik
31/07/2015 16:25

I was outside the country for a while, may be for 3/ 4 months . I was a Robi user from the beginning. I was always aware of their existing offers all the time. I was a regular purchaser of their new offers and has always been satisfied with the service. When I moved abroad, I did not take my....    Full story...

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Performance of Rubel Hossain

Written By: Pothik
30/04/2015 17:58

The ingredients of suspense , drama and meticulous attention have been recently given to the very renowned Bangladesh’s excruciating cricketer Rubel  Hossain . As always I am a bit reluctant while complimenting recent celebs but the way he gives those deadly swings and fascinating....    Full story...

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Fastest Bowler Pacer Rubel

Written By: Pothik
30/04/2015 17:47

It has been a while, that social and other medias have been boiling with our sensational fast bowler. Yess, you've all guessed the name! Rubel hossain it is!! And seems quite clear that he is still thirsty about his prospects after all those achievements lately! And though he is already our....    Full story...

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Our New Model- Pacer Rubel!

Written By: Pothik
08/04/2015 13:55 08/04/2015 13:55

  Earlier this noon I heard that a new face is emerging in the ad of Robi. Almost everyone is talking about this issue. I wonder whether the news I have heard is true or just a new gossip story. I heard that our Hero Rubel Hossain is into modeling now. I can only imagine Rubel on....    Full story...

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Pacer Rubel and modeling!

Written By: Pothik
07/04/2015 19:17 07/04/2015 18:01

I am not a big fan of cricket though but I have heard that our superstar Rubel is into modeling now a days. You might be thinking what this man is up to! I have heard from a friend of mine that Rubel will be modeling for advertisements now like other cricketers of Bangladesh but I am wondering....    Full story...

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Written By: Pothik
28/03/2015 6:41 28/03/2015 6:38
Human rights

সকালে অফিস এর জন্য অনেক তাড়া থাকে। ঠিক মত আরাম করে যে চা খাবো তার ও সময় পাওয়া যায় না। তার মধ্যে ঘুম থেকে উঠে আজব এক....    Full story...

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Thank You!!

Written By: Pothik
27/03/2015 7:30 27/03/2015 7:28
Human rights

It was a typical summer Dhaka afternoon and I was stuck in a typical Dhaka traffic jam. Cooped up in a bus packed way beyond its capacity, the heat, boredom and a growing thirst was getting to me, so I decided to look at billboard along the road to kill time.  As I was looking, I suddenly....    Full story...

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