Hope to be unscrewed!!!

Written By: Saddam-Hossain
17/02/2015 13:59 17/02/2015 13:50
Contemporary Debate

It's a hard nut to crack to break one's belief as well as support, you should know.Belief is like a screw of a machine that should be unscrewed soothing and a mechanical way.When you try this in a wrong way or forcibly it will be farcical and tighten the screw.To break one's belief....    Full story...

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A pessimistic prayer of an optimistic Bangladeshi.

Written By: Saddam-Hossain
15/02/2015 16:25

We,the  Bangladeshis, are the most emotional creature on the earth.That we know ,and believe.We lead by emotion most than any other tide,rational or intellectual.The whole colony rush getting the news that someone missing is back or someone is missing and try to show their sympathy or....    Full story...

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