A review of Muhhamad Asad's Tafsir- "The Message of the Quran": A Great Tafsir of the current time

Written By: ShahAbdulHannan
23/06/2014 10:51
Book Review

I became acquainted with the writings of Mahammad Asad, who wrote the Message of the Quran, in 1963 when I was under training in the Finance Services Academy in Lahore, Pakistan. The library of the Academy had the books of Mohammad Asad. I first read his “The Principles of the State and....    Full story...

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Are Parents responsible for their son/daughter marriage? To what extent?

Written By: ShahAbdulHannan
09/03/2014 14:36
Contemporary Debate

Please see this correspondence between my student Dr Nazmun Nahar, Associate Professor North South University and me(Shah Abdul Hannan) This is a subject we should continuously pursue to save the West and the world from the debauchery , promiscuousness and indignity the society faces,....    Full story...

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  • Name: Shah Abdul Hannan
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    Shah Abdul Hannan is a pioneer in establishing a model of Islamic economics in Bangladesh. He is considered one of the key Islamic thinkers in the country. A brilliant student, a very successful high government officer(now retired) and an educationist, Shah Abdul Hannan is after all a practicing honest Muslim who remains the single most illuminated source of inspiration for the new generation of Bangladeshis. He is the Chairman of Bangladesh version of Institute of Islamic Thought(BIIT).

    Shah Hanna has many students around the world. He often writes on socio-political issues, islamic issues in national newspaper. 

    Books written by Shah Abdul Hannan


    * Islami Ortthonitite Shorker er Vumika(1985).
    * Islami Orthoniti: Dorshon O Kormokoushol(2002).

    Women Issue

    * Nari Shomossa o Islam(1988).
    * Nari O Bastobota(2002).

    Social Issue

    * Social Laws of Islam(1995).
    * Desh Shomaj O Rajniti(2003).
    * Bishoy Chinta.

    Other Issue

    * Soviet Union e Islam(1976).
    * Usul-al-Fiqh(2000).
    * Law Economics and history(2003).

    As an Old scholar who is not tech-savvy, like other this blog is run by his student.

    More about his contribution can be found in his websites; 


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