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10/06/2014 13:00 10/06/2014 12:36

1. Eyes don't lie, so please shut your eyes when you do it! 2. Give your faith on me, I'll reach beyond of your best expectation! 3. Shine with knowledge but not with shoe shiner! 4. If you think you can score a goal in your life, you have to be aggressive! 5. Timing is important....    Full story...

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Mere Random Speech

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14/05/2014 12:43

Sometimes everything seems to be puzzling. I don’t know whether it is a sickness or disease. Nowadays, we have heard about so many mental sicknesses. Whatever it is, I am still going through this bizarre feeling more than often. This is such a moment when I urge to write something about my....    Full story...

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Work life vs Personal life: Personal view

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14/05/2014 12:45 13/05/2014 11:32
Thoughts and Ideology

I have been working in a Canadian based multi-national company in Chittagong EPZ for more than three years. Previously I worked in a private company which is owned by a British Bangladeshi entrepreneur situated at outside of Export Processing Zone. After working three years in my present company,....    Full story...

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    I am a kind of extorvert and a slow starter of conversation but once it is stared, I am gonna be proud member of the circle. Always try to be a honest person in every spehere of life. Do not like to see the negetive things of a matter or incident but try to find out the ways that can bring out the ray of hopes though sometimes as a human being, I become a frustrated sailor who really seeks the right way to go through of all odds. I am very simple and not an intelligent person but always give value to others wisdom. I love learning from everything. I think the world is a learning field if someone undestands and feels the delightness of learning.

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