Omar : A movie that can make you understand real scenario of rise of Islam

Written By: mahfuj
14/09/2014 19:27
Movie Review

Omar, a MBC TV series on Omar (R.)  In this series you can get idea about early Islamic Society and How Companion of Rasulullah (PBW) built a Islamic Society. However this series was banned in Arab world after it's release.  I have watched it entirely, but there is no episode or....    Full story...

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15 August, Mourning day for Bangladesh losing Shahid Abdul Malek

Written By: mahfuj
06/08/2014 17:18

On 15th August, 1969, Abdul Malek, one of the best students of the University of Dhaka, the Oxford of the orient, met martyrdom having been attacked by the Islam-antagonistic forces in TSC on 13th August of the same year. At that time when the whole country was filled with extreme distress,....    Full story...

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Upzilla Election-2014 in the eye of an observer-1

Written By: mahfuj
09/04/2014 17:38

Government has completed Upzilla Election-2014 with success in spite of rising criticism on last three phases. This election has divided in five phases. I was observer of last phase, most crucial and impefect corrupted phase. It was 31 march 2014 I started my observation from 10 am in 2 no. north....    Full story...

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Is Hefazat nor Democracy left the Shapla squire?

Written By: mahfuj
07/05/2013 8:49
Human rights

5 May night will be count as the black part of our history. Not only hefazat left the Shapla squire but also Democracy left the Bangladesh. 1975 comeback. Workers of Hefazat e Islam not only member of a Islamist group, they also people of our land, who believe in Bangali nationalism, Democracy,....    Full story...

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