If Turkey can why not Bangladesh ? Blogger sentenced for blasphemy

Written By: Bangladesh
23/05/2013 10:27 23/05/2013 9:08
Religion & Culture

In Bangladesh, some bloggers have been writing against religious belief particularly against Islam. Even after the ruling from court ,Bangladesh government ignored and did not take any action against them. Eventually 'Daily Amardesh' published the hate speech of the bloggers and people....    Full story...

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What actually Hefazaat-e-Islam demands??

Written By: AEH_MIZ
24/04/2013 7:47
Burning Issue

Now, that is the burning question. What actually Hefazaat-e-Islam demands? Do they really want to take the country back to the middle ages? Are they demanding blasphemy law or not? Do they really reject the rights of the women? All doubts and confusions have been answered by Allama Shah Ahmad....    Full story...

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Insult Prophet Mohammed and Mockery to Islam in Bangladesh-1

Written By: Nazmul
24/03/2013 0:05

Many of us might already hear the situation in Bangladesh.  A group of psycho called them “Bloggers” attacked Allah, Prophet (pbuh) and Islam so nakedly that one sound brain can’t even imagine. People didn’t know about those psychos because very few percentage of....    Full story...

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Consequences of the blasphemy in Bangladesh: It could be worse than the Danish Cartoons!

Written By: PathikRasel
16/03/2013 17:32

  Many of you are aware about the intensified levels of blasphemy that were being practised throughout the previous couples of years through different blogs in Bangladesh! I do not think I have to provide you further information on this, as it had already been 'talk of the nation'....    Full story...

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