Terms of use

  1. These Terms and Conditions of Use apply to you when you view, access or otherwise use the blog located at Kaagoj.com (the "blog"). The blog is privately owned. We grant you a nonexclusive, non-transferable, limited right to access, use and display the blog and the materials provided hereon, provided that you comply fully with these Terms and Conditions of Use.

  2. Writing blog/Post policy
    Kaagoj.com believes in freedom of expression and freedom of thoughts. We believe in diversity in writing. Everyone is welcomed to express their views on any issues that affect human being, animal planet and world at large.

  3. Multi Nick Policy
    Kaagoj.com in line with its Mission statement believes honesty, clarity and wants blogging by Original Name. Thus, we do not promote multi nick system. However, if any Blogger feels that his/her original name will cause serious threat to life due to countries' political or any other reasons, can use nick name. If any Blogger is found using multi nick to abuse the system purposefully, admin reserves the right to Ban one Nick deem abusive.

  4. Content policy
    Kaagoj.com has no intention to censor blogger's view. However, we respect law and order of states and society; we respect individual's beliefs and ideology, cultures and heritage etc. To protect individual's respect and dignity following content (text, image, audio and video) or comments is not allowed at Kaagoj.com platform;
    1. Content goes against particular states civil laws
    2. Content attacks individuals or group's belief, religion or ideology and minorities.
    3. Content produce provocation, spread hatred, escalate violation among communities
    4. Content promote pornography, paedophile and explicit sexuality
    5. Content attack individual, express threats to any form of physical or mental harm

  5. Comments policy
    Alongside T&C number 2 and 4 anybody can make comments, argues, share critical views without any interference or intimidation.

  6. Moderation policy
    Kaagoj.com reserves the right to edit or delete any comments submitted to this blog without notice due to;
    1. Comments deemed to be spam or questionable spam
    2. Comments including blasphemy and vulgarity
    3. Comments containing language or concepts that could be deemed offensive
    4. Comments that attack a person individually
    5. Comments that use for marketing or advertising purpose
    6. Comments falls under T&C (4.1 to 4.5)

  7. Privacy policy
    Kaagoj.com respect user's privacy and strongly safe guard user's personal information. Kaagoj.com will not use user's information neither sell for marketing purposes.

  8. Copyright policy
    Kaagoj.com hold full rights of every content published in this sites. Omission, alteration and coping of any content for commercial purpose without prior written permission from Kaagoj.com administration are a violation of Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988

  9. Miscellaneous
    Kaagoj.com has rights to add, edit or omit any "terms and conditions" when needed

  10. User Ban policy
    Kaagoj.com reserves the rights to ban any user who attempts to violate any of the above "terms and conditions"